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The President's Corner
To All our Fellow Board Directors, All Members and Supporters,
As we celebrate our four years of coming together, working together, staying together with equal success; I say thank you all. Thank you for your loyalty, your time, your labor and your financial support.
We have come a long way in our four years...
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The Mountain of Hope Organization is dedicated to furthering educational and employment opportunities in southern West Virginia.

The non-profit corporation was formed on May 15th, 2010 and is managed by an Advisory Board of Directors. The board is comprised of volunteers originally from Mt. Hope, WV, with representation from local businesses and churches.

The Foundation's overall philosophy is grounded in 3 powerful principles:

1. Unity of effort results from coming together with a common purpose.
2. Progress results from people working together regardless of race, religion, or educational attainment.
3. Success is brought about through staying together in our common cause.
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Mrs. Eunice B. Fleming

Mt. Hope High School Tribute: When Ollie Watts Davis made her Carnegie Hall debut in 1990, she made sure there was one very significant person in the New York audience that day.

That person was Eunice B. Fleming, Daviss choir teacher and a whole lot more when Davis had attended Mt. Hope High School in Fayette County..."

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2015 Mountain Of Hope Organization Scholarships
MOHO 2015 Scholarship Winners

On Sunday, May 24th, The Mountain of Hope Organization held its annual community picnic at Graney Park. The weather was great and we enjoyed having over 100 members of the community join us for food, music, fellowship.

In addition to acknowledging our annual scholarship recipients, we also acknowledged Coach Gene Spadaro for his many decades of service to students and athletes at Mount Hope High School. The highlight of the day was the acknowledgement of our scholarship recipients for the 2015 scholarship cycle. Each recipient received a $1,500 scholarship. The recipients were:

Lindsey Jordan - Plans to attend Marshall University
Jacob Lafferty - Plans to attend West Virginia University
Christopher Markham - Plans to attend New River Community Technical College

Also receiving his second $1,500 scholarship award was Nicholas Oxendale in his second year at West Virginia Institute of Technology.

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